my name is
ava lonergan

i’m an artist, writer, and educator

i grew up in virginia
and currently live in charlottesville
↝ on Monacan and Manahoac land ↜

current projects

corner office

(a publishing and community-building project
in collaboration with adele ball)

mine Oranges

(a bi-monthly newsletter)

my artistic practice + skills include:
books, print + papermaking, and design

my writing practice + skills include:
a daily journal, a bi-monthly newsletter,
short fiction, creative nonfiction, correspondence,
editing, transcription, and a bit of poetry

my creative/life practice includes:
collaboration, conversation, community stewardship,
facilitating access to information and resources,
imagining and reaching toward a world free from
racism, capitalism, and environmental destruction

i frequent rivers
dream of horses

run with greyhounds
breathe with the bats at twilight

my work is a mirror i hold up
to the humor and heartbreak
i experience and witness in life.
it allows me to explore
the spaces and connections
between my reality and my dreams,
between being human and being animal,
between desire and intimacy.

my creative practice is a home that shelters me
wherever i go, wherever i am.
it threads through all aspects of my life.


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