textured teaching

It is my aim to teach in a way that acknowledges, respects, and uplifts my students’ diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures. I look to Lorena Germán’s Textured Teaching framework to guide me towards culturally sustaining practices in my classroom.

Textured Teaching Values

Love & Community
“To teach for social justice, you have to believe that students are worthy of love and respect; my practices should respect your humanity and by doing so, treat you with love. It goes beyond affection, into action that focuses on sustaining your humanity.”

“In valuing justice, I am concerned with restoration. I want reparations for wrongdoing, equality when applicable, and equity at all times.”

Truth & Knowledge
“To say we value truth and knowledge means we are concerned for an education that is whole, complete, truthful, and fills us with the knowledge we need to bring about the justice we dream of.”

Textured Teaching Traits & Values are from Germán, L. (2021). Textured teaching: A framework for culturally sustaining practices. Heinemann.
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